In Turkey coastal structures, prior authorization ease

According to the new published communiqué about the constructions and facilities build on coasts and coastline and land acquired through the filling and drying in Turkey, if the investers prefer, with the prior authorization from General Directorate of National Real Estate of Turkey planning process can be initiated. But, this prior authorization does not mean that development plans shall be confirmed absolutely.

Reports also decreased,
According to the new application in which came into force new ‘Communiqué on Coastal Structures and Facilities Planning and Implementation Process the investor, with the there is no need opinion of General Directorate of Maritime Affairs Maritime Transport about prior to the application, preparation of feasibility report and modeling report, these reports do not need to be involved in investment file.

On the other hand, coastal protection structures, fortifications and rivers to the sea at the exit only spur the development plan proposals on the composition of coastal structures, the nature, feasibility, modeling, hydrographic, oceanographic, geological and geotechnical reports, there is no need to prepare.

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